About Us

TEXLAR is dedicated to refining products that enhance the enjoyment of modern life.

We have dealt with the realities of online shopping for many years - the lowest priced products look cheap and have no instructions and no customer service. On the other hand, brand name products are expensive (and often made in the same factory). 

Where was the better option - a quality product sold at a reasonable price, backed by reliable customer service?

Our team of experienced manufacturing professionals are dedicated to creating this better option, with TEXLAR. Our process of product refinement draws on decades of manufacturing experience, scrutinizing and honing our products through iterative design, exhaustive troubleshooting, and rigorous technical analysis. Our refined products offer remarkable value by design. 

To help our customers become familiar with TEXLAR products, every purchase includes a detailed manual with  tips for best use practices. In case we missed something, our customer service specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have. And in the unlikely event you find a TEXLAR product deficient in some way, just let us know and we’ll make it right. 

TEXLAR provides value by offering quality products at a lower price. With a team of customer service experts, we stand behind our products because at TEXLAR, Customer Service is our north star.